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We are the inventors and young engineers who identify and overcome barriers; and act in the best interest of the society, by bringing identifiable and quantifiable value to each stage in turning the disruptive ideas into Minimum Viable Valuable Validated Products to make the lives easier.

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We believe that beauty lies in the details, those small things that are unrecognized and noticeably ignored are the ones which fit in the design and do the job, without which the purpose is undone.

Why we do it?

About time in making the world even better, numerous opportunities come and go; the opportunities which are worth a grab are worked upon and driven for excellence with passion, dedication with an attitude to never give up.

MAFiA™ does more than just cleaning the 99.4% dust.
It increases low end power by 15-20%. Good throttle response. i.e Faster acceleration at low RPM.
Reduces carbon emissions up to 40%
Increase Mileage

As easy as it looks, wash the air filter in the washing machine or with soup water.

Our Story

How Schörl was born?

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, the poor mileage of my powerful motorcycle haunted me back in 2008. What could be the reason? Three and half years of experiments on the basic working essentials of the engine, 1) Spark 2) Fuel 3) Air revealed an important missing link- The Air, unlike spark and fuel cannot be seen nor be controlled effectively, thus hardly any research was done on maximizing air for intakes. If there can be performance filters why not mileage filters? The concept was essential to change the beliefs about performance air filters. The air filter was not only to achieve better filtration and get better performance but also to gain more mileage and reduce carbon emissions. It took a little over 4 years of painstaking experiments and research to develop the technology based on micro fiber filter element and make the Air Filter that can match the ISO standards, regulations to use on engines and do the job what it is developed for.

“We believe that the beauty is in the details: those small things which are unrecognized, unnoticeably ignored are the once which fit in the design and do the job which it is meant to do, without which the purpose is undone.”

Mayur Patil
(Founder, Director)



Patent Pending

Value to the customers
Savings on running cost
A year warranty with the purchase
Easy and low maintenance
Water repellant
Fire Retardant
Keeps the engine and exhaust carbon free
Reusable up to 3 years or 50000kms

Product review based on customer feedbacks

           The replacement SCHÖRLTM for RE 350, 500 both standard and classic there is 8-12kmpl more mileage gain on various bikes.The performance increased through each up shifting. The rattling sound due to typical knowing of the Royal Enfield engine reduced which reflects on lesser vibrations and smoother running.

           After installing the air filter and using it for 10-15kms, you will need to reduce the idling of the engine. It means the engine needs lesser fuel to idle and run.ECU remap is not needed for the efi motorcycles.

           And with improved combustion, the carbon depositions in the combustion chamber, exhaust and on spark plug reduces. In a nutshell, it improves engine life.After 500 kms and 1st wash, the mileage improves from mere 8 kmpl gain to a whopping 21 kmpl gain.



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